January 23, 2022

How to Install Solar Yard Lights?

The popularity of solar yard lights can no longer be denied as people are becoming aware of its benefits in the long run. Plus, installing solar yard lights does not require too much work because of the absence of wirings.

How to Install Solar Yard Lights?

While how to install solar yard lights is an equally easy task, some considerations must be on top of a homeowner’s mind to maximize the use of it. Here are some of the things that will definitely make the solar yard lights shine bright in the years to come.

Choose A Focal Point To Feature

Before you even start installing the solar yard lights, you must be clear about the main focus of the light you would like to cast your spotlight on. Most of the time, solar yard lights illuminate paths and objects in the garden at night.

The great thing about solar yard lights is the fact that it can be moved easily since it does not have wiring. So, if you changed your mind to have a focal point anew to feature, you could just move it close to it with ease.

Avoid Obstacles

The location where you put your solar yard lights is important to keep it safe and other people as well. As a rule of thumb, solar lights must not be placed where edgers and lawnmowers usually pass. These solar lights should not also be placed in the driveway at all costs. Doing so will result in it being run over by vehicles.

Position Where The Sunlight Is

Position Where The Sunlight Is

As the name suggests, solar lights get their power from the sunlight. Hence, it must be positioned in places where there is direct and plentiful sunlight. Thus, the units must be placed where they can get maximum sunlight for hours and where there is no shade from overhangs or branches.

Consider The Placement Of The Solar Panel

The placement of the larger solar panel for yard lighting is critical upon the installment of the units. The location must be pre-determined, especially where there is ample sunlight. This becomes entirely of a constraint since there might be a few places in your area where there is enough sunlight. Also, you will need to dig about 6 inches to bury the solar panel so it will be safe against the elements, especially moisture and rainfall. Plastic tubes can be used to protect these if need be.

Charge The Lights Before Installing

Charging the solar yard lights before installing it in the location of your choice is a must. All of the units must be charged for about 12-14 hours using sunlight so the batteries can be charged first. Most of the time, full sunlight charging can last up to 2 days. Make sure too that the panel is clean so it can be adequately charged before going with the installation.

Soil Preparation

When everything is ready, now you can install the solar yard lights in the soil. If the soil is dry or hard, water it beforehand to have an easier way of installing the units. You can also choose to loosen the ground by using a fork or a shovel.

Either way, it will help you to have easy access to the soil. Do not just force the solar light yard’s stakes to the ground without preparing it. Too much for can lead the stake to break, and it may not work correctly anymore. You will do yourself a favor by doing all the necessary preparation before installing it in the soil and use it for the rest of the nights.

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